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Woman treatments

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Organic Ratus treatment

Indonesian Ratus Vagina

Ratus Vagina is a famous Indonesian treatment that helps to decrease vaginal stress, aid infertility, help manage your menstrual cycle and also fight a number of vaginal infections. Intimate care is very important so that you feel fresh and there are no unpleasant odors in your intimate area.
Duration: 45 minutes
250.000 IDR

Midas Breast Treatment

Midas Breast Treatment will help beautify, tighten, tone and strengthen breast muscles in order to maintain the shape you want
Your therapist will start with a gentle cleansing. Next, she will apply our special massage technique, followed by mask treatment.
While the mask works, she will give you a gentle head massage. The treatment finishes with anti-aging moisturizer
Duration: 45 min
210.000 IDR

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